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NMS 2018-2019 Baseball Schedule

Baseball 2018-2019  (This is the 8th grade schedule. 7th grade is opposite.)

3/4/2019--Tryouts begin

3/11/2019--NMS vs PMS

3/13/2019--FMMS vs NMS

3/18/2019--NMS vs BMS

3/20/2019--MCMS vs NMS

4/3/2019--NMS vs TMS

4/5/2019--NMS vs HMS

4/8/2019--WRMS vs NMS

4/10/2019--TMS vs NMS

4/15/2019--HMS vs NMS

4/17/2019--NMS vs WRMS


4/22/2019--Playoffs round 1

4/24/2019--Playoffs round 2