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Melnick, Jan Principal
Sharp, Kelly Assistant Principal of Instruction
Ellison, Greg Assistant Principal

Allen, Valarie 7th and 8th grade Gifted Language Arts
Baker, Mishelle 8th grade Math
Branch, Becky 7th grade Math
Bugg, Russell 7th grade Social Studies
Bundrage, Vanessa 8th grade Language Arts
Caldwell, Ginger Family and Consumer Science
Caldwell, Ronda 6th and 8th grade Special Education
Darrisaw-Smith, Stacy 7th Grade English Language Arts
Dent, Melissa 6th Language Arts and Social Studies
Diaz, Cora 6th grade Language Arts
Dunn, Sarah 7th grade Special Education
Dyson-Arline, Shana 7th and 8th grade Gifted Science
Ellison, Greg Assistant Principal
Evans, Trathenia Instructional Coach, ELA & SS
Farrell, Scott ISS/Physical Education
Fleming, Christopher Computer Science
Flowers, Chantal 6th grade Math
Gaines, Kanisha Special Education
Ganas, Terry Physical Education
Gay, Kedra SPED Teacher
Haller, Susan 6th and 7th grade Gifted Social Studies
Heavner, Amanda Science 8th Grade
Holden, Kimberly 7th grade Social Studies
Hulihan, Colleen Chorus
Jackson, James Special Education
Jones, Justin 8th grade Georgia History
Jordan, Loreal 6th grade Social Studies
King, Kenneth 8th grade Math
Knowles, Cheri 7th grade Math
Levie, Lindsey 8th grade Georgia History
Martin, Jeffrey Special Education Interrelated
Mathis, Tonya ISS
Melnick, Jan Principal
Moss, Willie 8th Grade Special Education
Mundy, Alma Instructional Coach 6th - 8th
Nelson-Jackson, Tina 7th Grade English Language ArtsTeacher
Payne, Dawn Special Education
Pietrofere, Timothy Northside Middle
Robbins, Robert Technology & Engineering
Roper, Robin Speech Language Pathologist
Samson, Peter 6th grade Math and Social Studies
Sanders, Christina Agricultural Education & FFA Advisor
Schultz, Erin 8th grade Science
SEWARD, MELISSA Seventh Grade Science Teacher
Sheets, Leta 6th grade Science
Shore, Dianna 6th grade Science and Social Studies
Singletary, Tambra Media Specialist
Smith, Yakima 8th grade Language Arts
Spencer, Regina 6th Grade Math
Stephens, Annie 7th grade Language Arts
Stephens, Evie 6th grade Gifted Math and Science
Thompson, Herschel ESOL
Warren, Alicia 7th grade Science
White, Allison 7th grade Gifted Language Arts and 8th grade Gifted Social Studies
Williams, Leslie Physical Education
Williams, Ursula 6th grade Language Arts
Witherington, Lisa Northside Middle
Witherington, Mark Northside Middle
Wynn, Letitia 8th grade Math
YOUNG, MELISSA Language Arts Teacher/Northside Middle
Zellner, Rhonda 8th grade Special Education

Brown, Dwanna SPED Paraprofessional
Butler, K'Nisha SPED Paraprofessional
Goggins, Melissa Parent and Family Engagement Coordinator
Lee, Gerald SPED Paraprofessional
McGhee, Jacqueline Northside Middle School Counselor
Oates, Naomi ATS Clerk
Parker, Salli-Tymna SPED Paraprofessional
Pridgen, Paula Secretary
Scott, Tina Bookkeeper
Spurgeon, Tanshui Counselor
Walters, Hilda nutrition manager
Williams, Kyna SPED Paraprofessional