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GA History-Ms. White
Missouri Compromise

More Missouri Compromise

Uncle Tom's Cabin's_Cabin

Dred Scott

John Brown-Harper's Ferry

Famous People/Facts

American Civil War prison camp


Imagine the Universe

The Electromagnetic Spectrum

Catch the Waves

The Electronmagnetic Spectrum

Volcano world webpage on Earth’s Layers

GCSE Bitsize: The Structure of the Earth

Dynamic Earth Interactive

Science-Arline-Earth Science
Interactive Rock Cycle

Plate Tectonics

National Hurricane Center Site

National Geographic Site with pictures and info

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale

Listing of Hurricane names

Red Cross Hurricane Preparedness Site

NationalGeographic Site with pictures and info

Fujita scale with damage pictures

Tornado Alley information

NOAA tornado FAQ

Tornado Safety

Forces of Nature

Science-Arline-Newton's Laws Webquest
Law of Inertia

Law of Force and Acceleration

Law of Action and Reaction

Part 1

First Law Quiz

Newton's 2nd law presentation

Elephant and the feather

Bumper Cars

Third Law

More Third Law


Newton Biography 1

Newton Biography 2

Newton Biography 3

Newton Biography 4

Heavner's science classes
Chem for kids


The Atom

Density for kids

Properties of matter

Physical and chemical changes

Relationships between heat, kinetic energy, etc.

Solid, liquid, and gas

Pure substance

One Drive
One Drive

This is the link for One Drive where you are able to access your school account for creating and saving projects using Microsoft Word and Powerpoint.

Research and Citations
MLA Citation Game

NO Red Ink lessons

Copy Cat

Explora for middle school (teen database)

ISEF Rules and Guidelines

CIA World Fact Book

Internet Citation Organizer

Research Paper Scaffold

Our Documents--National History Day

National Historic Landmarks

PBS History

Library of Congress Timeline


Georgia Encyclopedia

Georgia PINES--Houston County Public Libraries

Library of Congress

Follett Shelf

Click here to access Follett Shelf. You will need the FREE Follett Enlight app or you can read books on your computer. Our Follett Shelf address is wbb17631. Then use your NMS login information. Have fun!