NMS Football 2019-2020
Kenneth King, Athletic Director


Northside Middle School
2019 Football Schedule

                               Date                    Opponent                        Locataion                  Time

Saturday                8/17/19                  JAMBOREE                           NMS                       9:00 AM

Thursday              8/22/19                 FMMS                                  NMS                       3:30/4:45 PM

Thursday              8/29/19                 Mossy Creek                       NMS                       3:30/4:45 PM

Thursdsay              9/5/19                     Perry                                  NMS                       3:30/4:45 PM

Thursday               9/12/19                    Huntington                         MAC                        3:30/4:45 PM

Thursday              9/19/19                  Thomson                           NMS                       3:30/4:45 PM

Wednesday            9/25/19                    Warner Robins                    NMS                       3:30/4:45 PM


Games in BOLD are HOME games. Games not in bold are away (but may be at NMS--just on the visiting side of the grand stands)